What is AutoSingle?

AutoSingle, a product under Single Finance Lab, provides automated yield farming strategies that are tailor-made for farmers who want to save time on monitoring the market themselves.

AutoSingle aims to provide farmers with a way to enjoy yield farming with our fully back-tested AutoVaults. Built on top of Single Finance, AutoSingle helps you minimize losses due to price effect and impermanent loss through your DeFi journey.


We have seen many farmers trying to earn high yields, ignoring the fact that they are suffering from huge price effect / impermanent loss. Farmers cannot just deposit then do nothing, expecting to earn these yields. Seasoned farmers know they must monitor market prices and impermanent loss, and adjust positions in a timely manner. Thus, Single Finance was built to provide capital-protection bot and pseudo market-neutral strategies to help farmers save time and farm with smarter setups. It is important to note that the market is volatile in the short term, so even with a pseudo market-neutral strategy, positions may be stopped prematurely and farmers may suffer losses.

Automated Yield Farming

The best reason to use AutoSingle for yield farming is the experience we create for farmers who are less experienced in minimizing impermanent loss and manually adjusting positions. This way, junior farmers can still get solid returns with less manual effort. Through smart contracts and AutoVaults, AutoSingle makes it easy for users to reap substantial yields as the bots monitor the market continuously.
AutoSingle offers leveraged yield farming, which are built on top of the same lending pools in Single Finance. Ultimately, AutoSingle is dedicated to curating new and better automated yield farming strategies. We will start with automating our pseudo market-neutral strategies (i.e. hedge by dynamic borrowing), and expand to more market-neutral strategies with other options/derivatives to hedge against impermanent loss afterwards.
If you're an experienced yield farmer, you can still farm manually in Single Finance, but for beginners who want to give DeFi a try, AutoSingle is a great option for you.
Last modified 1yr ago