What was the reason for launching AutoSingle?

While skilled farmers can predict and handle different market conditions by using various DeFi strategies, retail investors typically have a difficult time understanding the complicated mechanism behind those strategies and deciding when to use them. We wanted to create a platform that can automatically adopt to different market conditions, no matter the size of your investment amount and whether or not you are a skillful investor. AutoSingle provides users with the best Autobots to maximize return while minimizing risk.

How do AutoBots from AutoSingle work?

The Auto Strategy Vaults of AutoSingle are built on top of the leveraged farms and strategies of Single Finance. All parameters of the Auto Strategy Vaults were determined after intensive back-tests were performed. We will start with automating our pseudo market-neutral strategies, where the algorithm will determine the optimal timing of rebalancing the positions to delta-zero. Thereafter, we will expand to bring you more strategies.

What is the role of AutoSingle in the Single Finance ecosystem?

Single Finance provides single-click solutions on leverage yield farming and pseudo market-neutral strategies, users can adjust their positions according to market conditions manually. AutoSingle provides automated yield farming strategies with fully back-tested algorithmic bots, users can earn reasonable return with less manual effort.

How does the Single Finance community benefit from AutoSingle?

By introducing more exclusive DeFi yield farming automated strategies, the TVL of AutoSingle Protocol will keep increasing. A part of the performance fee collected on AutoSingle will be allocated to burning SINGLE token.
As lending pools on Single Finance Protocol will be strengthened as well, the Singles community will be able to run strategies at a cheaper cost.