(For Polygon OG only) Bridging Auto Assets to Cronos

(On Polygon)

  1. Go to "Quota" page of https://autosingle.singlefinance.io/ on Polygon, click "Stake / Unstake"

2. Unstake all AutoS after the lockup period

(Bridge AutoS via Multichain from Polygon to Cronos)

  1. Input the amount of AutoS (Polygon) to be bridged

  2. Click "Approve AutoS" then "Swap" and approve corresponding transactions in the wallet

  3. In the wallet, import AutoS (Cronos) token contract address: 0xae620DC4B9b6e44FBeb4a949F63AC957Cc43b5dD

  4. You will find your AutoS (Cronos) appears in the wallet

(On Cronos)

Go to "Quota" page of https://autosingle.singlefinance.io/ on Cronos

Stake AutoS in AutoCell Machine, start to accumulate AutoCell and earn bonus AutoS

Please make sure you are on Cronos

1. Go to "AutoCell" section, click "Stake / Unstake"

2. Enter amount of to-be-staked AutoS, click "Enable" (the first time) then "Stake" and approve respective transactions in the wallet

3. After staking, you may check the assets in your AutoCell Machine on the dashboard

Bonus AutoS rewards will start to be offered on 9 Jan 2023 on Cronos

Claim your OG AutoTicket, stake AutoTicket for investment quota

1. Go to "AutoTicket" section in "Quota" page, click "Claim"

2. Use the same address as Polygon to connect, observe the number of entitled OG AutoTicket based on the previous AutoCell snapshot, claim the desired number of OG AutoTicket

3. Go back to "AutoTicket" section, click "Stake"

4. Check the available amount of AutoTicket in the wallet and determine the staking amount, following by clicking "Enable" (for the first time) and "Stake" and approve corresponding transaction in the wallet

5. The investment quota obtained by staking AutoTicket will be refreshed

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