AutoCell token

The essential fuel to unlock Auto Strategy Vaults

Quick Summary:

  • Stake and lock AutoS tokens to earn AutoCell over time

  • By claiming AutoCell manually, you will get extra investment quota to access our exclusive Auto Strategy Vaults

  • During the lockup period, you will earn AutoCell at 2x speed

  • After the lockup period, you will earn AutoCell at 1x speed by staking

  • During the staking period, you will earn extra AutoS reward, based on the proportion of claimed AutoCell

  • You can speed up your AutoCell-earning by extending the lockup period after the initial lockup period

  • You can only unstake AutoS tokens after the lockup period

  • If you unstake any AutoS, you will lose all of your AutoCell, both claimed and pending ones

  • After unstaking, you bonus AutoS rewards will be harvested to your wallet

What is AutoCell?

AutoCell is a non ERC-20 token that is regarded as the fuel to unlock Auto Strategy Vaults. The investment quota to our exclusive Auto Strategy Vaults will be proportional to the amount of AutoCell held.

AutoCell is non-tradable and time-sensitive: the earlier AutoS is staked, the more AutoCell will be generated.

How many AutoCell can you earn per day?

Base rate: 0.0000000292706 per second

2x Speed during lockup period: 0.0000000585412 per second

There are 86,400 seconds in a day. During lockup period, you are enjoying 2x speed. So you can earn 0.0000000585412*86,400 = 0.00505795968 AutoCell per 1 staked AutoS.

What is the maximum number of AutoCell I can claim?

Our default maximum number of day for earning AutoCell at 1x speed is 395 days.

Max. No. of AutoCell per 1 staked AutoS = 0.0000000292706*86400*395 = 1

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