Stake AutoS & Claim AutoCell

AutoCell is non-tradable and is generated by staking AutoS into AutoCell Machine. One of the utilities of AutoCell is to unlock the privilege usage of Auto Strategy Vaults.

Below steps goes through how to stake AutoS and earn AutoCell & AutoS:

Stake AutoS

  1. After going into the Dapp, go to Quota page by clicking "Remaining Quota" on the navigating bar

2. Go to "AutoCell" section, click "Stake / Unstake"

3. Enter amount of to-be-staked AutoS, click "Enable" (the first time) then "Stake" and approve respective transactions in the wallet

4. After staking, you may check the assets in your AutoCell Machine on the dashboard

5. You may check the amount of Bonus AutoS rewards and the Remaining locked time by entering "Stake / Unstake"

Claim AutoCell

  1. To claim the pending amount of AutoCell, you may click "Claim All" beside AutoCell Balance and approve corresponding transaction in the wallet

2. You may check your AutoCell claimed balance and the claim percentage bar in the extension

  • Bonus AutoS Rewards: AutoS earned according to the claimed AutoCell in proportion to the total amount of AutoCell

  • AutoCell will be accumulated according to the staking time. You may claim "Pending AutoCell" by clicking "Claim All"

  • Only the claimed AutoCell will be counted to unlock the Investment Quota of Auto Strategy Vaults

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