AutoSingle always strives to provide a safe environment for all users of our protocol. We can’t be certain of a lot of things in this era though, and here are some of the major risks that we need to remind you about when navigating the DeFi world.

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Smart Contract Risks

While smart contracts of our protocol have been built by experienced team, there could theoretically still be vulnerabilities. We are working hard on turning AutoSingle bullet-proof. Please learn more about our work and information here.

We are trying our best to get rid of all potential risks, and we are trying to be as transparent as possible to all our community members. It’s not only Defi; it’s everything in the world, afterall, that could be so unpredictable at times. As a rule of thumb, don’t put in what you cannot afford to lose.

Blockchain's Technical Risks

While we tried our best to develop the most effective and best product for farmers, our protocol still runs on the selected blockchain. The blockchain itself may cause different problems, such as:

  • Network congestion

  • Transaction failure

  • Validators halted

  • Any other bugs that would result in an abnormal or unexpected situation

This may affect our critical operations:

  • Delayed capital-protection transactions

  • Delayed liquidation transactions

  • Delayed rebalancing timing

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