AutoS Token

The development of Polygon will be put on hold until a suitable environment manifests itself on the chain.

Verified contract address of AutoS


The AutoS token has a max supply of 100,000,000 across all chains.

Launchpad - Provides initial funding through launchpad

Ecosystem & Liquidity - Pays expenses including listing fees, audits, extra rewards for ecosystem, etc & reserves for expanding liquidity pairs in different AMMs/DEXs

Development - Supports for continuous development

Partnership - Pays strategic expenses including extra rewards for partnership and marketing fee, etc.

Community - Rewards our community with airdrop, extra rewards, etc

Ways to Obtain AutoS

1. Buy AutoS on MMF (on Polygon)

2. Buy AutoS on VVS (on Cronos)

3. Stake AutoS to earn AutoS


1. Mint AutoCell

Instead of just being a reward token, AutoS token is used to mint the AutoCell token - the key to unlocking access to our Auto Strategy Vaults.

Here is a simple workflow:

  • Stake AutoS into AutoCell Machine, start generating AutoCell

  • Each 1,000 claimed AutoCell enables 100 USDC investment quota in Auto Strategy Vaults

  • During the lockup period, AutoCell will be generated at 2x speed!

  • AutoCell Machine will keep generating AutoCell until you unstake your AutoS. If the number of AutoCell hits the maximum cap, you will need to stake additional AutoS to generate more AutoCell.

  • Once you unstake ANY of your AutoS, ALL the AutoCell will be all burnt!!!

2. APY

The AutoCell Generator will not only generate AutoCell, but also mint new AutoS to deliver auto-compounding effect. This way, you can continue to enjoy good return while waiting for more AutoCell to be minted. In effect, you actually don't have to pay for our services, but instead you are paid to use our vaults!

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