Fee & parameters

Minimum Position Value

The minimum amount of assets that a user needs to supply to AutoVaults.

ChainAmount (USD)



Fee Parameters

Performance Fee (applicable to AutoVault)

PerformanceFee = Net Profit \times 19\%\

Where Net Profit = Current Value - Capital Value (as shown in "My Position")

When the position is adjusted or closed, we will calculate the Performance Fee based on your net profit earned from AutoVault, and this fee is only charged when profit is made. If your position suffers any net loss, NONE of the fees would be charged.

Remarks: The Current Value and Profit shown in "My Position" is after-fee already, what it shows is what you can get back.

Capital Protection Fee

ChainAmount (USD) Per Position Per Close



When the Net-Equity-Value-to-Capital ratio (inclusive of the Capital Protection Fee) hits your configured Capital Protection Ratio, Single Finance will close your position and pay gas cost for you. The gas cost will be covered by this Capital Protection Fee.

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