veSINGLE 공식 (현재 영어만 제공됩니다)

Positions of both strategy and leveraged yield farming enjoy veSINGLE booster. They have fixed SINGLE token rewards, shared between Base Rewards and veSINGLE Rewards pools. Since not all users own veSINGLE, you may find that you can boost the rewards by 2x or even more.

How many veSINGLE can you earn per day?

Base rate: 0.00000292706 per second

2x Speed during lockup period: 0.00000585412 per second

There are 86,400 seconds in a day. During lockup period, you are enjoying 2x speed. So you can earn 0.00000585412*86,400 = 0.505795968 veSINGLE per 1 staked SINGLE.

What is the maximum number of veSINGLE I can claim?

Our default maximum number of day for earning veSINGLE at 1x speed is 395 days. The intention is to let user enjoy 1x speed for one month (30 days) after lockup period.

Max. No. of veSINGLE per 1 staked SINGLE = 0.00000292706*86400*395 = 99.89470368

Base SINGLE reward of borrowing one single asset:

You can always check current Reward per block and allocation point here while the Total Allocation Point is 20,000.

veSINGLE boosts SINGLE rewards of borrowing one asset or strategy:

userFactor measures the proportion of total rewards vs the Base rewards emitted to the asset vault or strategy share.

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