Open a Pseudo Market-Neutral Strategy Position

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Here we will show you how to employ our Single-Click Pseudo Market-Neutral Strategy.

1. Go to the Homepage / Strategy (Pseudo Market-Neutral) page

2a. Choose one of the available Strategies and select the available leverage

The following ratio will be recalculated after selecting correct leverage.

  1. Current APR represents the annualized return based on the current value of tokens.

  2. Current APY is the annualized return based on the current value of tokens and takes into auto-compounding effect.

  3. 30D AROI (Price Effect) refers to the annualized return including the value change due to price effect based on the USD value of capital over the past 30 days.

2b. Select your favorite strategy and click "Single-Click" button

3. Enter the amount you would like to supply for Strategy.

4. Wait for the calculated amount of Debt under our Pseudo Market-Neutral Strategy with default Leverage 3x!

5. Check the Capital Protection Ratio and Leverage. Change Leverage to trigger new Stop-Loss price levels.

5-1. Select or enter your desired leverage. You can choose anything from 2x to 3x (for some selected pairs, it is up to 5x). We optimally convert your deposited assets and the borrowed assets to get an equal value-split to supply the farming liquidity pool. The amounts of the two farming assets borrowed is shown in the interactive tool.

5-2. The total position, i.e. total amounts of the two farming assets used for farming in this particular strategy, is also shown automatically.

5-3. You can also choose your desired capital protection level at 85% or 90%.

5-4. There is also an interactive simulator for you to easily visualize the inner workings of the strategy, mouse-over on the curve to have more details.

The initial price shows the price of the non-stablecoin asset in the farming pair, and the purple curve shows how your P&L will be impacted when the price of the non-stablecoin asset moves along the x-axis. As you can see from the sample graph here, the profit drops gradually as the price moves, regardless of the direction of the change. And you can see visually and immediately the exact prices that will turn the win into a loss.

The two dotted vertical lines show the stop-loss prices according to the Capital Protection Ratio selected. When the price of the non-stablecoin asset hits these two lines, our Capital Protection Bots will be triggered to close your positions, and you can get back the remaining part of your principal in stable coins directly to the wallet as set in the Capital Protection Ratio.

The bar below also lets you get an idea of your expected return based upon the days your leveraged yield farming position is in with our strategy.

6. Check the final position data and click "Single-Click" button on the sticky bottom bar.

When you are all set, just hit the Single Click Button and you are executing the Pseudo Market-Neutral Strategy, earning more with ease and grace.

7. Check all your strategy positions under "My Positions"

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