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Capital-Protected Yield Farming Platform with Strategies in multi-chains

What is Single Finance Platform? Single Finance is a super intuitive platform to all your DeFi investments minimizing correlations to the general market. Everything here is worked out from your injected capital in USD. Everything is visualized. And everything is within your fingertips.

Single Finance is the first DeFi protocol offering USD-based capital-protecting strategies for leveraged yield farmers.

We help keep your leveraged yield farming positions safe and stable by protecting your principal with our strategies. We track your performance based on your principal marked to USD, ensuring that both of us know your profits well. We are also the first to introduce a historical performance tracking database to help you pick your favourite liquidity pairs with quantitative metrics. And we charge performance fees only when you are making money, again, based upon your principal in USD. We are the same team, on the same boat.

We embrace DeFi, and are grateful to be able to play a part in the whole DeFi ecosystem. Single Finance serves as a DeFi 2.0 protocol by introducing automated strategies to everybody, amplifying the liquidity provided to the entire ecosystem. As a proud owner of SINGLE tokens, you are not only shaping the future of Single Finance, but also the future of DeFi.

  • Single Finance Platform operates on Cronos, Arbitrum, Fantom and other EVM-compatible blockchains, which is designed to be interoperable for additional blockchains and earn yields from cross-chain platforms.

  • Our platform not only opens positions for users, but also monitors the ever-changing market situations and utilizes bots in its ecosystem to execute pre-configured strategies.

  • Our implementation is open source. All participants are encouraged to contribute, to hold our token, to govern our operations, and to enhance the Single Finance Platform.

Our Story

Our project began with a bad experience with existing leveraged yield farming facilities, when one of our founders was farming a pair at 3x leverage but suffered a flash loan attack and thus the platform locked all actions. When the asset price changed 80% within a few minutes, we got liquidated and lost 105% of our capital from the position. We thought we could have at least gotten half of our capital back, since we monitored the position very closely. Even though we had stared at the screen every minute, our effort was in vain - thanks to the platform policies and extreme volatility.

Motivated by this brutal experience, we started to envision a new platform with high APY plus maximum drawdown. Most importantly, it would be a platform where farmers wouldn’t have to monitor the market and do all the complex yet time sensitive stop-loss procedures manually, with more accurate indicators to reflect the true profits & losses of our positions. At the end, our vision grew and flourished to become the Single Finance platform, providing different Single-Click Strategies of leveraged yield farming to achieve targeted return and manage risk exposure.

Thus, Single Finance was born. Our aim to is offer a human touch to the DeFi world by helping leveraged yield farmers with innovative marked-to-USD capital-protecting strategies and sophisticated historical performance metrics.

Our Advantages

Single-Click Strategies

We work hard to share with you various useful Single-Click Strategies, cherry picking the very strategies that we as farmers find useful in all market situations. The first Single-Click strategy we employ is the Pseudo Market-Neutral Strategy to minimize the impact of price effect and leverage the fee and yield generated concurrently, followed by Leveraged Short/Long Strategy which provides the opportunity for farmers to gain extra profit from price effect based on token price prediction.

Automated Bots

Our platform is equipped with automated bots, empowering individual users with tools previously available only to institutional farmers. The first automated bot for your deployment is our Marked-to-USD Capital Protection Bot.

Multi-Chain Support

Blockchains free us from chains of authorities, and DeFi even more so. We are expanding our supported networks, providing our users with access to more territories in the DeFi landscape - one chain at a time.

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