Single-Click Strategy

Pseudo Market-Neutral Strategy & Leveraged Short/Long Strategy

Minimum Position Value

The minimum amount of assets that a user needs to supply to open a strategy position is different from chain to chain, as gas required for transactions are different:

Fee Parameters

Performance Fee (applicable to Pseudo Market-Neutral Strategy only)

PerformanceFee = Net Profit \times 19\%\

Where Net Profit = Yield Farming Profit + Trading Fee Profit + Price Effect - Borrowing Interests.

When the position is adjusted or closed, Single Finance will calculate your Strategy Performance Fee based on your net profit. If your position excluding SINGLE Rewards suffers any net loss, NONE of the fees would be charged.

  • 10% goes to SINGLE Buyback and is then distributed as performance fee sharing to SINGLE Lending Pool Vault stakers.

  • 9% goes to SINGLE Buyback and Burn.

Capital Protection Fee

When the Net-Equity-Value-to-Capital ratio (inclusive of the Capital Protection Fee) hits your configured Capital Protection Ratio, Single Finance will close your position and pay gas cost for you. The gas cost will be covered by this Capital Protection Fee.

Liquidation Fee

Liquidation Fee = Net Equity Value\;after\;paying\;Debt \times5\%\

When the Debt-to-Equity exceeds the liquidation threshold of the pair, your pair will be liquidated to secure debt repayment. Fee (5%) is charged at a certain percentage of your Net Equity Value (i.e. after debt repayment).

  • All 5% after paying gas fee goes to Buyback and Burn of SINGLE.

Harvest Yield Charge

When Single Finance helps to harvest your yield farming rewards by providing liquidity to the pool, part of the reward (8%) will be charged as gas fee and handling fee for the collection. For auto-compound farms, harvested yield after fee will be sold and converted as your liquidity provision; for manual-harvest farms, harvested yield after fee will be distributed to your wallet.

Please note that the APR/APY shown already factored in this fee, what you see is what you get.

  • All 8% after paying GAS fee goes to Buyback and Burn of SINGLE.

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