Stoploss, Lend & Stake

Capital Protection Bot offers an extra layer of protection for all leveraged yield farmers. Upon capital protection (a.k.a stop-loss), the Bot automatically closes the farming position and converts all assets to USDC to prevent them from being exposed to market risks further.

Taking another step forward, Single Finance is proud to be the pioneer of the "Stoploss, Lend & Stake" function, which allows our users to maximize the time value of their assets. This function is automatically applied to all farming positions to give users peace of mind.

After capital protection, the protected USDC will be routed to the USDC Lending Pool to accumulate lending interest and SINGLE rewards from staking. As such, the assets continue to generate earnings after capital protection, before the user realizes so and/or decides what to do with the funds next.

Users can see details of their capital protected funds in the "Lending" section of "My Positions" pages.

(Steps to withdrawal from Capital Protected Vault)

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