The Single Finance Protocol

What is Single Protocol?

Single Finance is a super intuitive platform for all your DeFi investments, minimizing correlations to the general market. Everything on Single Finance is worked out from the user’s injected capital in USD. Everything is visualized, and everything is within your fingertips.

Single Finance’s Single-Click pseudo-market-neutral strategies are built on three major facilities:

  1. Single Pools β€” Strategy vaults, leveraged yield farming vaults, and lending pools.

  2. Single Bots β€” Automated bots including capital protection bots and re-balancing bots to monitor the market situation and protect the user’s capital in USD.

  3. LP Time Machine β€” Performance analytics tool of liquidity pools across all EVM compatible chains. The tool shows the full breakdown of backward-simulated P&L (based on capital marked to USD), including LP rewards, DEX reward tokens, and value change due to the price impact.

Single Pool is a leveraged yield farming and leveraged liquidity-providing protocol. There are three roles that users can perform in our Single Protocol.

Lenders can deposit different tokens, such as BTC, ETH, USDT, and USDC, to our Single Idle Strategy Vault in order to earn a higher interest rate. The lending yield is determined by strategy players borrowing these assets in order to execute different types of liquidity mining strategies.

Strategy players can earn a higher yield by betting on our single-click DeFi strategies.To increase the total yield of their farming positions, different strategy vaults borrow multiple assets from a single idle strategy vault. The yield is higher because of 1) more trading fees from larger trading volume, and 2) more yields generated from the DEX.

Yield farmers can select any supported liquidity pair and build their own strategies based on our single pool. Yield farmers can borrow different amounts of two assets in a liquidity pair and set their own stop-loss ratio.

Architecture and Specs

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