[Boosting] xGRAIL Boost Farms

Fully utilize the xGRAIL Boost feature for your benefit. The boosted rewards go directly to you.

Single Finance is revolutionizing the DeFi landscape with its auto-boosting and auto-compounding features, which work in tandem with Camelot's xGRAIL YieldBooster to help farmers achieve maximum returns and convenience.

Our "Auto Yield-Boosting" feature regularly and automatically harvests xGRAIL returns from Camelot's farms and allocates them to Camelot's YieldBooster. This allocation amplifies the yield farming position weighting among the total staked pool, thus generating boosted yield to the position. This tactic helps to continuously and cumulatively boost the overall return of the staked position, maximizing our users' total return for the same effort, with all the gas costs covered by Single Finance.

You can find the current YieldBoost Multiplier for each pair on Camelot's farm, along with the yield farming APR. You can also mouse over the YieldBoost Multiplier to observe the precise projected Auto-Boosting effect right before injecting into the farm.

What's more: Highlighted xGRAIL YieldBooster farm

In addition to the regular "Auto Yield-Boosting" effect, Single Finance offers an additional layer of xGRAIL boosting to specific farms, known as the Highlighted Farms. This is an incentive to build a deeper liquidity layer in the ecosystem.

The yield boosting effect is sponsored by the treasury of Single Finance and is allocated to selected farms. It is then periodically reallocated to other featured farms subject to the ecosystem development. Users who enjoy juicy and supreme boosted returns can benefit from this feature without any additional costs, let alone the basic functions (auto-compounding and automatic nitro pool tracing) have optimized the farming experience and returns to a great extent.

About xGRAIL & YieldBooster

*The formula of YieldBooster calculation:


  • The higher the xGRAIL assigned to YieldBooster, the higher the subsequent reward

  • The more frequent the xGRAIL is added to YieldBooster, the greater the yield boost will be.

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