⚖️Single-Click Strategy

Introduction to Single-Click Strategy

Single-Click Strategy, as the name suggests, is a useful but complicated strategy that can be implemented with a single click on the mouse. We aim to provide various useful Strategies to the DeFi universe, currently the flagship products include:

Pseudo Market-Neutral Strategy

The primary goal of this strategy is simple: to help both new and experienced farmers earn high yields without suffering too much impermanent loss or being liquidated in a flash. Single Finance users can simply supply assets and enjoy our pseudo market-neutral liquidity mining strategy with just a single click. It aims to achieve the highest possible return while minimizing the impact of impermanent loss by borrowing a certain amount of non-stablecoin assets.

Leveraged Short/Long Strategy

The Leveraged Short/Long Strategy is a yield farming strategy that provides opportunities for farmers to make extra profit from price effect based on token price prediction, on top of trading fees and yield farming rewards earned. As another Single-Click feature, users can enjoy the ease of use that comes with interactive simulations and user-friendly tools to assess their performance easily and efficiently. The strategy aims to achieve the highest return on leveraged yield farming for users with a clear long or short view.

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