Step-by-Step Guide


  1. Go to the Boost page.

  2. Select the asset you would like to stake, either SINGLE, USDC-SINGLE LP (VVS), USDC-SINGLE LP (MMF) and/or VVS-SINGLE LP (VVS).

  3. Choose the amount you want to stake. If you are staking LPs, you can see the corresponding amount of SINGLE for 1 LP.

4. Check and confirm the lock time, please note currently we only support 6-months lock-up period. More choices on lock-up period will be available later.

5. Confirm the transaction in your wallet (ie.Metamask or Defi Wallet).

6. After staking successfully, you can see the number of your staked SINGLE (if you staked LP, this would be the equivalent number of SINGLE), veSINGLE earned per day and the remaining locked time.

Claim veSINGLE

  1. If you don't claim veSINGLE manually, you won't enjoy any of the benefits provided by veSINGLE.

  2. When you wish to claim the pending veSINGLE, click "Claim All".

3. Once you have claimed the veSINGLE, you begin to earn the bonus SINGLE and the boosted SINGLE reward for strategy & borrowing assets.

Restake bonus SINGLE Rewards to the Boost Vault

  1. Go to Boost page.

  2. Press the "Restake" button next to "My Bonus SINGLE Rewards".

  3. The bonus SINGLE rewards will be restaked to the existing SINGLE Boost Vault (or newly open a SINGLE Boost Vault in case you hold SINGLE-LP Boost Vault originally) to achieve a compounding effect on both bonus SINGLE reward and AutoCell accumulations.

Please note that after re-staking bonus SINGLE rewards, the lockup period of all your existing boost vaults will be automatically reset to 6 months

Claim Boosted SINGLE Rewards

  1. Go to Available Rewards page.

  2. You can go to the "Rewards on Borrowing" section and check the boosted SINGLE rewards and base SINGLE rewards.

  3. Click "Claim" to harvest the SINGLE rewards associated with borrowing each asset.


  1. Go to the Boost page.

  2. If the lock period is over, the Current Earning Speed will become 1x, you may choose to "Stake More" SINGLE/SINGLE LPs to the vault with 1x earning speed. To boost the veSINGLE earning speed back to 2x, you may choose "Extend Lock Time".

3. You may also unstake SINGLE/SINGLE LPs by clicking "Unstake", and enter the desired amount in the pop-up window shown as follows.

Please be reminded once you unstake ANY amount from ANY vaults (SINGLE or any of SINGLE LPs), ALL claimed veSingle will be burnt.

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