Single Finance

Database Guideline

1. Discover all

This is the main panel of LP Time Machine. The default "Discover All" allows you to explore all available pairs in every supported chain, with descending order on current liquidity (USD) in the pool. You may click the header to change the sorting logic.
There are two types of return rate you can find here: Return that includes price effect which represents true P&L, and return including impermanent loss. Switching the tab above the header allows you to view the performance data with the return type of your choice.
On the left you can see a list of chains currently supported. You can simply select one of the chains, such that the results are filtered and you can dive more deeply into that particular chain. On the right you can find a range of criteria for you to filter pair results, such as DEXs, liquidity, and assets type of the pair.
Pay special attention to the Metric filters. The criteria here are some of the good indicators we have found useful when picking liquidity pairs. You may refer to the next section to learn more about the Metric filters, or simply hover it to get a quick reference. Just select the ones you see fit and the results are updated automatically right below.
You may also search for pairs by token names. Please note that all selected filters will be carried forward when you navigate around different chains.

2. Pair Detail Page

2a. Time Tunnel: Simulated Performance

Click on any pair on the list, and you will jump to the pair detail page. By default you will see the simulation result, simulated with the assumption that you provided liquidity to the pool at 7 days before, with an original principal of $10,000. Period options of 24-hour, 7-day, 30-day, 90-day, and 180-day are available for your quick selection, and you can also customize your liquidity provision period using the date picker.
Principal value is also editable, and you will see the updated breakdown in number of tokens next to it. However, please bear in mind that the numbers are for reference only, as you are actually getting LP-tokens of the pool when you are providing liquidity.
Once the liquidity provision period or principal is updated, the simulation results will be refreshed accordingly.
The upper bar chart shows the breakdown of monetary value of return from the specified time of liquidity provision, up to the closing of the period accurate to the hour; the lower line chart shows the annualized return rate. If you want to view the trend of selected metrics only, you may click the chart legend above to hide or unhide the metrics.
Right next to the chart is the return summary. It summarises the return at the end of selected investment period in USD, showing both the numerical values and percentage rates. The default percentage is the ROI (Return on Investment), and you may switch to view the Annualized ROI by clicking the change button at the bottom of the box.

2b. Historical Performance

The detail page also offers at-a-glance historical summary to you, such that you can easily compare the performance over different time periods. You can find the daily liquidity and trading volume on the same page, which may help discover trends of trading activity of the liquidity pool over time.