Single Finance

VVS Boost Farms

Fully utilize the VVS Boost feature for your benefit. The boosted rewards go directly to you.
Single Finance proudly presents to every Singles the new features of VVS Boost Farm. The boosting effects would be applied to the selected farms across Pseudo Market-Neutral Strategy, Leveraged Short/Long Strategy and Leveraged Yield Farming.
The selected farms are boosted with xVVS and VVS Miner Moles (NFT) staking automatically, the boosted yield farming rewards would go to the pockets of our users directly. There are no extra steps for our users to take to achieve such juicy rewards, just “Single-Click” with us as usual and everything is done.

Pseudo Market-Neutral Strategy

(mouse-over yield farming reward to observe the boosting effect)

Leveraged Short/Long Strategy

(mouse-over Return from yield farming (30D) to observe the boosting effect)

Leveraged Yield Farming

(mouse-over yield farming reward to observe the boosting effect)

veSINGLE Holders Exclusive Early-bird Period

The long-term support from our beloved community members always leads us to go further, thus the VVS boosting features are exclusive to the users with significant veSINGLE holdings in the first 2 weeks (until 17 Nov 2022 - 9:00am UTC).
If the number of claimed veSINGLE does not pass the threshold, users may claim sufficient veSINGLE within the period or wait until the early-bird end to enjoy the boost farming.